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Eastleigh Secondary School Alumni Staff

Introduction - Our Principals and Teachers
Eastleigh Secondary School has had a number of Principals over a period of time. The first one was Mr Kashmiri Lal. When he retired, Mr Uppal took over with brief intervening periods of Acting Principalship by Mr Sobti. Mr JES Jones became the Principal when Mr Uppal retired. When he was 'promoted' to head the Kenyatta Teacher Training College, Mr Briggs became the Head – who we have been unable to contact as yet but will continue to persevere. When Mr Briggs left, Mr AN Sharma (Narad) became the Principal before he retired to Chandigarh in India and later died in 2002. We have penned a brief profile of him too.

All five of them – Messrs K Lal, Uppal, Sobti, Jones and Sharma were different, passionate about Education and committed to the cause of ESS students. Unfortunately, they are no more. We have taken their profiles from previous ESS magazines. Relatives and other students have helped write sections from their experiences. We could not get a complete profile for Mr Jones and have attempted to put together a couple of paragraphs from our own experiences. We are sure you will have your own ones too.

May their souls rest in peace!

If you are an alumni (teacher or headmaster) of Eastleigh Secondary School (or its predecessor, Racecourse Secondary School) Nairobi and you have not registered, please do so by Clicking Here.

Eastleigh Secondary School Principals and Staff (Click on the name to get the complete reporrt. If you cannot get the entry on click, then we're waiting for registration/report to be submitted/posted)

First names Surname From To
Mr Kashmiri LAL B.A. (Punjab), Dip. E.E.T.P. (London) Principal 1956 1960
Mr Pyare Lal UPPAL B.A. (Punjab) Principal 1960 1963
Mr. J. Emrys S JONES B.A. (Hons). T.D. (Wales) Principal 1963 1965
Mr. H. Briggs (Acting) B.Sc (Econ) (London) Principal 1965 1966
Mr. Amar Nath SHARMA B.A. (Punjab) Principal 1966 1973
Mr. R.M. Wanjohi   Principal 1974 1978
Mr. Z.G. Wanjau     1978 1980
Mr T C SHARMA (Acting) B.A., B.T. (Punjab) Principal 1980 1981
Mr. Z.G. Wanjau 1981 1983
Mr. Job M. Osiako 1983 1989
Mr. K.K. Kingori 1990 1990
Mr. A.S. Abdullahi 1990 1991
Mr. A.G. Nyanjom 1991 1992
Mr. T.R. Mwove 1992 1996
Mr. J.R. Madanguda 1996 1999
Mr. J.K. Njacha 2000 2005
Mr. R.M. Wambugu 2005 2008
Mr. Patrick Maritim 2008 2010
Mr. D.K. Kilonzi 2010 2011
Fred Awuor 2011 2017
Mr.Peter MANUNDU 2017 Present
First names Surname From To
Mr M SIDIQ   Vice Principal 1952
Mr V P SOOD B.A., L.L.B. (Punjab), B.T. (Bombay), F.R.G.S. Vice Principal 1956
Mr J V PIMENTA M.A. (Bombay), D.Ed (London) Vice Principal 1957
Mr Ram Kishan SOBTI M.Sc. (Benares) Vice Principal 1958 1963
Mr Amar Nath (Narad) SHARMA B.A. (Punjab) Vice Principal 1964 1965
Mr Francis A MENDONCA B.A., B.T. (Bombay) Vice Principal 1966
TEACHERS A - Z by Surname
First names Surname Department From To
Mr M ALAM Cert. Maths (Southampton) Woodworks 1965 1966
Mr C J AMIN B.Sc. (Bombay) Science 1964 1966
Mr V A AMIN B.Sc. (Gujarat) Science 1964 1965
Mr Shantilal Hiralal BAKHSI 1956
Mrs K BHARDWAJ B.A. (Punjab) 1966
Mr Vidya Sagar BHARDWAJ B.A. (Hons) B.T. (Punjab), P.G.C.E. (London) English 1956 1966
Mr T R BOWRY B.A. (Punjab), T.T.C. (Nairobi) English 1962 1966
Mr Harry BRIGGS B.Sc (Econ) (London) History 1964 1966
Mr B S BUTTER B.Sc., B.T. (Punjab) Science 1959 1962
Mr John Olimpio CARVALHO T.T.C. (Nairobi) History 1956 1966
Mr D R CHABRA B.A., L.L.B. (Punjab) History 1956 1957
Mr Nanak CHAND B.A. (Punjab) Mathematics 1956 1962
Mr Y P CHOPRA B.Sc., B.T. (Punjab) Mathematics 1964 1965
Mr B A  DEMELLO B.A. (Hons) S.T.C. (Bombay) 1966
Mr U T S DEOL B.Sc., B.T.  (Punjab) Science 1956 1965
Mr J F P T D'SOUZA T.T.C. (Nairobi) English 1956 1956
Mr Xavier P F D'SOUZA B.Sc. (Bombay) Science 1956 1966
Mr T J FERNANDES T.T.C. (Nairobi), Dip H (Loughborough) Woodworks 1962
Mrs F   FRANCIS B.A., B.T. (Madras) English 1964
Mrs A GEORGE B.Sc. (Madras), B.Ed. (Kerala) 1966
Mr A G HARRIS Woodworks 1959
Mr Tufail Mohammed HASHMI B.A., B.T. (Punjab) Mathematics 1956 1966
Mr P H HODIWALA B.Sc., D.P.Ed. (Bombay) Science 1956
Mr B S JAGDEV B.A., B.T. (Punjab) Science 1962 1964
Mr John Emrys S JONES B.A. (Hons). T.D. (Wales) History 1959 1965
Mr G S JUHAL M.Sc. (Punjab) Science 1956 1958
Miss L KAGO B.Sc. (New Hampshire) 1966
Mr Roshan Lal KHANNA B.A. (Punjab) English 1956 1966
Mr H LEE M.A., D.Ed. (Leeds) English 1957 1958
Mr Mohammed Sadique LONE History 1959 1960
Mr H S MANGAT T.T.C (Nairobi) Woodworks 1960
Mr P S MANGAT B.Sc., B.Ed.  (Punjab) Science 1957 1962
Mr O P MANNAN M.A. (Punjab), Dip E.S (Leeds) History 1965 1966
Mr M S MATHARU T.T.C. (Mombasa) Woodworks 1962 1966
Mr Saleh Mohammed MAMON B.Sc. (Hons) (Edinburghh) 1966 1972
Mr Francis A MENDONCA B.A., B.T. (Bombay) English 1956 1966
Mr Karl H MICHAELS Art 1957 1963
Mrs Ghazala (nee Chisty) MIRZA
Mr M M NAIK B.A. (Bombay), B.T. (Baroda) English 1964 1966
Mr W F PARKER B.A., T.D. (Manchester) English 1956 1960
Mr D B PATEL B.Sc. (Bombay) Science 1964 1966
Mr M B PATEL M.A. (Bombay) Oriental Languages 1956 1965
Mr M R PATEL B.Sc., B.T (Bombay) Science 1965 1966
Mr N J PATEL Oriental Languages 1958
Mr P A PATEL B.Sc. (Bombay) Science 1956 1965
Mr R C PATEL B.Sc. (Bombay) Science 1956 1957
Mr J M PRITCHARD B.A. (Hons) (Manchester), T.D. (Cantab) Gegraphy 1958 1963
Mr Khawar RASHID B.A. Hons.(London), Dip. Ed. (Oxon) English 1957 1960
Mr V M SHAH M.A., B.T. (Bombay) English 1962 1966
Mr Balwant Singh SHANT B.A. (Punjab) D.P.Ed (Madras) Physical Education 1956 1966
Mr Amar Nath (Nabh) SHARMA B.A. (Punjab) History 1956 1974
Mr Amar Nath (Narad) SHARMA B.A. (Punjab) Mathematics 1956 1973
Mr J D SHARMA B.A. (Punjab) Gegraphy 1956 1966
Miss Jaswanti SHARMA B.A. (Delhi), B.T. (Punjab) Art 1964 1965
Mr R K SHARMA B.A., B.T. (Punjab) Mathematics 1962 1965
Mr T C SHARMA B.A., B.T. (Punjab) Gegraphy 1965 1980
Mr A   SHEIKH T.T.C. (Mombasa) Woodworks 1962 1963
Mr B L SHUKLA B.A. (Hons) (Wales, F.R.G.S Gegraphy 1960 1964
Mr Karam SINGH B.Sc. (Punjab) Science 1956 1960
Mrs S D SINGH B.A. (Delhi) 1966
Mr R K SOOD B.A., B.T. (Punjab) Gegraphy 1957 1958
Mr Sat Parkash SOOD B.A. (Punjab) Gegraphy 1956 1963
Mr B K TUGNAIT B.A. (Punjab) Mathematics 1960 1966
Mr Manohar Lal VAID B.A. (Punjab) Oriental Languages 1956 1958
Mr V I VOHRA B.Sc.,B.T. (Bombay) Mathematics 1956 1960
Mr Martin WALTERS N.D.D. (London), A.T.D. (Liverpool) Art 1965 1966
Mr B L YOUNG B.A. (Hons) (Cantab), P.G.C.E. (London) Science 1964 1966
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