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The whole school population was organised academically in four Year Groups according to age and ability viz. Forms 1A, 1B, 1C; Forms 2A, 2B ,2C, and so on.

However, in order to give a wider sense of belonging and participation across the age groups, the school pupil population was divided into four equal groups called 'Houses' which had pupils across the four age groups.

Each pupil joining the school was allocated a 'House'. There were four Houses at Eastleigh Secondary School. These were named after the four great rivers of Africa. They were as follows:
• Congo (Green)
• Niger (Yellow)
• Nile (Blue)
• Zambezi (Red).

These 4 houses competed against each other in various activities such as Sports (Cricket, Hockey, Volleyball, Football), Athletics (Track and Field events), Debates, Competitions, etc. At the end of the Year, all the points from different areas of competition were added up and the top group was awarded the Champion House (or Cock House) trophy.

There was always fierce competition and friendly rivalry amongst the four Houses, which helped raise standards in academic, extra-curricular and sporting areas.

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