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1. AIM
The aim of ESS Alumni is to promote the educational, academic, personal, social and cultural development of all past and present students and teachers of Eastleigh Secondary School, Nairobi, Kenya.

The principal functions of ESS Alumni are:
• To arrange and organise activities, meetings and events to enable all Eastleigh Secondary School community across the world to come closer together in thought, action and deeds.

• To work in partnership with the management of Eastleigh High School, Nairobi in order to help raise standards of teaching, learning, citizenship, sport and culture for all at Eastleigh High School, Nairobi

The ESS Alumni shall consist of all past students and teachers of Eastleigh Secondary School, Nairobi. Any past student or teacher who has registered their details and paid the subscription as determined by the Committee shall be a Member of the ESS Alumni.

A committee of seven people shall carry out the management of ESS Alumni. It will include three Officers - Chair, Secretary and Treasurer - and four members. The committee will be selected/nominated at the General Meeting of the ESS Alumni convened for that purpose. The Committee will determine any vacancy in between General Meetings.

The ESS Alumni committee may co-opt up to three additional members who may be past students or teachers and have relevant expertise, experience and commitment.

The Chair shall be responsible for the welfare of the ESS Alumni, for furthering contact among members and for the strict observance of the Rules.

The Secretary, in addition to exercising the general supervision of the detailed working of the Rules of the ESS Alumni, will also:
• Record minutes of all meetings, conduct correspondence and put the decision of the committee meetings into execution.
• Prepare a Report for presentation at the General Meeting.

The Treasurer, in addition to keeping general control over the finances of the ESS Alumni shall also:
• Collect, receive and pay money on behalf of the ESS Alumni.
• Keep such books and accounts as may be required by the committee and shall be responsible for the correct accounting of all receipts, payments and for the safe custody of the monies of the ESS Alumni.
• Deposit all monies received into the ESS Alumni bank account.
• Issue receipts on approved forms for all monies received by him on behalf of the ESS Alumni.
• Prepare a final audited Statement of Accounts for the ESS Alumni to be presented to all members.

The committee shall appoint an Auditor. The Auditor shall not be an Officer or a member of the Committee.

The ESS Alumni shall maintain an Account or Accounts in a Bank, a Building Society or any other institution approved by the Committee. Any two joint signatures of two of the Chair, the Secretary or the Treasurer will operate the Account. All accounts of the ESS Alumni shall be open for perusal and inspection by the Auditor at any time.

The committee shall meet at least three times during the year. Additional meetings may be summoned as required, dependent on activities and tasks undertaken by the committee. General Meetings will be held every two years.

For committee meetings, four members or 50% of the committee (whichever is less) shall form the quorum. For General meetings, the quorum shall be 20 members.

The committee will hold a Biennial General Meeting of all members and present reports from the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The new committee will be elected at the Biennial General Meeting

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