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Piyush Shah (1965 - 1968)

I was at ESS from 1965 to 1968. My peers at the time included Pradeep Luther, Mahendra Patel (Manga), Chitranjan (Aku) of Vanguard Studios, Shashi Pal Aggarwal, Gurdeep Bahra, Anil Lakhani, Ravindra Lakhani, the two Buddhdev cousins, Pradeep and Sharad and Nalin Shah (Accountant and Banker in Nairobi).

After 4 years at ESS and 2 years at Jamhuri, I trained as a Chartered Accountant in London. I moved to Management Consultancy (E&Y) and Insurance (Prudential) before settling into IT in 1985. My first company was Callhaven plc - one of the fastest growing companies in the UK and most well-known for spearheading the introduction of Apple Macintosh computers in the corporate sector. In recent years I have been involved mostly with companies specialising in software on the web. This has involved providing turnaround skills, investment and participating in the management and strategy of these companies. Currently I am involved with Deltion (Supply Chain solutions), Allfiled (Personal Information Management) and our family insurance business in Kenya, APA Insurance whilst also being active as an angel investor in start-ups in the UK.

I am married to Jyotsna (Ex Kisumu) who is a financial controller for a US event management company. We live in Esher and have two children - Krupali who is at PWC after studying Chemical Engineering at Imperial and Kuleen who has just finished a degree in Economics and Management at Oxford.

- As of May 2017

Piyush Shah
Piyush Shah
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