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Parvin D. Syal (1961 - 1964)

Being a Nairobi native, I attained all of my education there: Racecourse Primary School, ESS, Delamere Boys’ and the Nairobi Medical School. I graduated with M.B.Ch.B. in 1973 and proceeded to St. Helens, Merseyside for post-graduate training. In 1977, I moved to Los Angeles, and trained at the Huntington Memorial Hospital, under the aegis of the University of Southern California. I currently practise Bariatric and Family Medicine in suburban L.A.

At ESS I was involved in most sports for the Niger House, but my forte was debate and drama. The education in my formative years has served me well in my community and professional activism in California. I am actively involved in the affairs of the Association of Los Angeles Physicians of Indian Origin.

In the last few years I have published my anthology of poetry, ”Streams of Consciousness”, and an anthology of stories on life in Kenya, “African Quilt,” as well as a play on the life of Buddha, “God Minus.” The latter two were co-written with Harshi Syal Gill. “African Quilt” has also been published by the East African Literature Bureau for the African Market.

I married Kiran, originally of Musoma, Tanzania in 1985 and we have two daughters; Malvika has her Masters in Fine Arts from Emerson in Boston and works in Los Angeles. Devika is studying journalism at Emerson.

- As of May 2017

Parvin D. Syal
Parvin D. Syal
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