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Jay Prakash Trivedy (1961 - 1963)

I was born in Mombasa and attended the following schools prior to Eastleigh:

Makupa Primary (Mombasa), Fort Hall Primary (Fort Hall), Thika Secondary and Ngara Secondary.

The 1961-63 periods were memorable with a colourful cast of characters. Who could ever forget the Sharma's Mafia (Just Kidding!), Mendonca (the funny English teacher – Julius Caesar/ She Stoops to Conquer), Xavier DeSouza (Physics/violin guy), Shant (the portly gym jock), Vohra (phipty (50) match), and Hashmi ((a-b) – know it or else a boot on your behind!). Because or in spite of them, I went to Duke of Gloucester and then to Kenyatta College to become a mwalimu. Other memories include field hockey and table tennis at Railway Club, Cricket (I sucked at it but they called me Ted Dexter), and we played with the likes of Basharat Hassan with a garbage can as wickets.

Following a stint of teaching in interesting settings – Nkubu, Githunguri and finally, Eastleigh Secondary, I found myself in Canada. During this period I ended up with a BA from York University, and MEd from Brock University. We now live in Brampton with my wife Daksha, and children Sejal (also a teacher) and Arjun (university student). I have now retired after 30+ years. It is unfortunate I can't be there as I am on a short contract job. My regards & best wishes to you all, especially to the organizers and the many school mates I have not seen or met for many years — Nilam Bedi, Vijay Bahl, Diamond, Dalpat, Akhtar and Rajeshwar.

- As of October 2006

Jay Prakash Trivedy
Jay Prakash Trivedy
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